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Writing Romantic Comedy Novels By Sylvie Stewart, author of The Lucky One plus Giveaway

Writing Romantic Comedy Novels – A Half-Assed Guide
By Sylvie Stewart

“Is it hard being funny?” That’s the common question, but it’s the wrong one. Being funny is in a person’s DNA. You either are or you aren’t. But those without the humor gene are great at other things. I’ll bet you a million bucks that Albert Einstein was boring as shit as a dinner guest. For a person born with it, being funny is like breathing. Writing funny, on the other hand, is the true challenge. But it’s one that comes with a huge reward if done right.

Careful planning…um, no. To write a good romantic comedy scene, you can’t simply outline and write. It has to come from some place more spontaneous. Stream of consciousness can often result in hilarious consequences. It can also result in a Uni-bomber-style collection of words that could possibly get you committed should you leave your laptop unattended. That aside, a brilliantly funny scene can unfold if you just let your mind take you where it will. Leave the editing for later. Oh, and password protect your laptop.

Witter banter. The sparking back-and-forth is absolutely essential to a successful romantic comedy. This is where the meat is…the juicy piece readers grab onto and laugh out loud over. This is also how you make the characters real and relatable. Nobody finds a character funny if they don’t like the character or relate to them in some way. That’s also why flawed characters make the best romantic comedy leads.

A barrel of laughs. Take it down to a half barrel. Sure, we need laughs, but we also need heat, romance, and real emotions—even (gasp) sadness. A balance makes the novel pop and makes the laughs all the more rewarding while keeping the story itself believable. Secondary characters are great for lending levity to more serious emotions and situations.

OMG, that scene! Every romantic comedy needs that one scene that just skirts the line of outrageous. It’s the scene readers will tell their friends about or will reference when reviewing the book. It’s the restaurant orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally (for those of you saying, “What’s that?” just picture pretty much any movie scene Vince Vaughn has ever been in and you get the gist). I can’t tell you how many readers have told me they practically peed their pants while reading the “Fiona and her lady parts” scene in The Spark. This is what every romantic comedy author wants to hear. It’s what we strive for. Just don’t send us the dry-cleaning bill… 

The Lucky One
Sylvie Stewart
(A Carolina Connections Novel)
Publication date: May 11th 2017
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

When your luck runs out, do you run away—or do you stay and fight?
Let’s get one thing straight. I am not your typical girl. Sure I’ve got all the parts, but I’ve been a stubborn, irreverent tomboy since the womb, as my Irish father would proudly attest. Despite my Irish blood, I’ve had a bit of bad luck here and there—I recently trusted the wrong guy and got derailed in my professional pursuits. But I’ve bounced back. With my shields firmly in place, I thought nothing, or no one, could touch me again. Until he did. And he just might make this tomboy do the girliest thing in the world—fall head over heels in love. Of all the damn luck…

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have a phenomenal family, a career I love, and I’m building a brand-new life back in my hometown. And, not to be a jerk about it, but I do more than all right with the ladies. Everything’s been going according to plan—like I said, I’m a lucky guy.

That was, until my luck ran out.
Until I met the girl I call “Irish.”
Irony can go kiss my a$$.
The first two chapters of The Lucky One are available for free download on Instafreebie!
Sylvie just won the National Indie Excellence Award for Romantic Comedy!

Author Bio:
Sylvie Stewart is an author of Romance and Romantic Comedy. Like the characters in her books, North Carolina is where Sylvie calls home these days, and she can’t get enough of the great weather and fun adventures NC offers. She and her husband love arguing over which of them is the funniest. Sometimes, she lets him win because she’s cool like that. When she’s not writing, she is hanging out with her husband and kids or reading, Romance being her favorite genre, of course. And she knows that life wouldn’t be worth living without a lot of laughter, friends, and wine! You can always find out what Sylvie’s up to at her website
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