Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pinterest Review: Nutella Chia Energy Bites

I love energy bites. They're quick and easy to make and are perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up. When I discovered these Nutella Chia Energy Bites, I had to give them a go. 

You can find the pin here and the directions here.

The directions are simple and the bites came together quite well. As for taste... well ... they were okay. I was disappointed too. Nutella is one of my favorite things on the planet, but for some reason, these tasted bland. My solution is to make peanut butter bites and add a tiny bit of Nutella for the chocolatey goodness and the chia seeds for the health benefits. I won't make this exact recipe again, but I'll create a new one instead. I still call this a semi-win. Got to try new things, ya know? :)

Happy pinning.