Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pinterest Review: Iced Coffee Protein Shake

I love coffee. It's my go to drink, but I've been trying to cut back because I LOVE adding sugar and almond milk. All that does is add calories. So, I decided to make this protein shake to give me energy as well as caffeine. 
You can find the pin here and the directions here.

I'm in love. Now, the recipe says this makes 2 servings, but I'm greedy and drank it all myself in place of breakfast. And I hate eating breakfast. It's never been my thing; however, I recognize the need for nutrition in the morning. The only modification I made was to leave out the ice. It's fine without it. 
This is my go-to drink in the morning and I get so much more energy out of it than if I just drank my cup of joe.
Try it and let me know what you think or what modifications you made.

Happy pinning.