Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pinterest Review: Homemade Vicks Shower Bombs

Like millions of people, I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. The problem I have is that I pin things and never try them. So I decided to turn that around. And I decided to let everyone know how well I did or didn't do with the pin. 
First up Vicks Shower Bombs. You can find the directions and the post here and the pin here.

Everything started off great. I bought the ingredients for about $13.00. I made sure to buy extra of a few things for a few other shower melts I want to make. 

My daughter and I got to work immediately. 
The directions were simple, but how the creator got away with using only 3 teaspoons of water I have no clue. I ended up losing count after 6. Actually, I added more Vicks to the mixture too, using the entire small bottle (3.5 size), in order to make the mixture really blend. 

Once I got the mixture just right, I filled mini-cupcake paper cups about halfway up. I figured that the directions called for ice cube trays so mini-cupcakes were about the same size. They turned out not so pretty, and definitely not as pretty as the picture on the pin. Sorry, but unless you add some blue sparkles yourself, the melts end up white. 

But I wasn't going for looks, I wanted to see how effective they would be. I took a shower with 1 melt near the drain... and nothing. Nada. Zilch. So I tried again using 2. I could smell the Vicks, but it wasn't strong enough to make a difference.

Please take into consideration that I didn't have a stuffy nose at this point, but as someone who gets sinus infections A LOT in the spring, I wanted to make a preemptive strike. 

So how many did it take? FOUR

My recommendation is to make them bigger than the directions state. Like use regular cupcakes. 

Overall, the directions were simple, but you do need to be prepared to wing it a little. 

Happy Pinning.