Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Guest Post by Erin Lockwood (@anglestrilogy), author of Angles plus #Giveaway

Writing New Adult Lit
I think what I love most about new adults are their flaws. But don’t tell them that! Young adults or new adults can sometimes feel like they’re invincible and miss a lot of the mistakes they make in life. Their naivety drives them and they stumble along the way. That makes for good and relatable stories.
When I look back on my time as a new adult, I want to slap my forehead. The mistakes I made and the attitude I had are embarrassing. At some point in my thirties (it might have something to do with the responsibilities I found in being a mother) the sky opened up and light shined down and it all hit me - I was really immature back then! My perspective on life changed drastically from my previous decade.
This is the same journey that characters need to make. Being young and vulnerable sets a character up for growth and change. I focus a lot of that on Cara in the Angles Trilogy. Cara is by far flawed, they all are, but in my opinion she has the most potential for growth. She’s actually learning hard lessons throughout the three books in the series. In the end, she actually becomes a very strong woman. Far from where she started at the beginning.
Plus, new adults know how to have fun. There are a lot of adventures they can get themselves in and the trouble they might stumble upon is forgivable since they are so new to adult life. Inexperience is so forgivable because no matter how you shake it, we’ve all had it at some point. We may have made different choices and harnessed different environments, but we have all been there - young and inexperienced.

A book without flawed characters, immaturity and drama, would be very boring. Nobody wants to read about perfect people who don’t have any struggles in life. Because let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be realistic.

Angles – Part I
Erin Lockwood

Publication date: November 3rd 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

A compelling love story about Caralee, her best friend Teddy, and her new love interest, Sam. The intensity of Sam entering into Cara’s life challenges her friendship with Teddy – which was forged long ago when they encountered a deranged gunman. Teddy will stop at nothing to protect Cara – even if it means keeping his long time business associate and once best friend far away from her.
This story is about friendship and relationship triangles, love and protection, love and understanding, and love and true love.

Author Bio:
Erin Lockwood grew up in Castro Valley, California and attended the University of Oregon, where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in journalism. From there she moved to Denver and spent the next seven years searching for the love of her life and building the family of her dreams.
It wasn’t long until, with children starting preschool and more time on her hands, Erin refocused on her career, beginning with a successful entry into the world of residential real estate as a Realtor. Free time was spent reading book after book (and binge-watching the subsequent films) in the New Adult genre. Feeling hopelessly in love with her husband, she wrote him a short story leading up to their fifth wedding anniversary. That’s when she discovered her tireless passion to share her experience of falling in love through fictional characters. That story evolved into the first novel in the Angles trilogy.
Erin still lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Phil, and their three children.