Sunday, February 19, 2017

Road Trip Sunday: Vandalia, IL

One of our family goals for 2017 is to "go adventuring" more. And a little over a month ago, we adopted a 9 year-old coonhound named Ethan with the intention of taking him adventuring with us. He was ready.
With an unusual 75 degree February day in the St. Louis, today was the perfect day to get outside. We traveled about an hour from St. Louis to Vandalia, IL.  
Vandalia was the second capital of Illinois. Kaskaskia was the first, and now it's Springfield. It's a quaint place with small town appeal. We stopped at a local park and were treated like locals. It's a fantastic place to visit if you need a break from the city. 
Capital Building
Foyer of Capital Building

The Hubs and Ethan looking in a window

Capital Building

One of the main reasons we chose Vandalia for our roadtrip was the Kaskaskia Dragon. 
Ethan, Bean, Me

Vandalia is full of historic buildings with a quaint "Main Street" USA feel. 

But like most small towns, something's are closed such as the shuttered Liberty. 
And on your way out of town, stop by this place. It has all the Stuff.

Happy tails... I mean trails.