Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guest Post by @XylaTurner author of The F Student plus #Giveaway

The Writing Process by Xyla Turner

The writing process for me varies as I can usually write anywhere and about anything. It usually starts with something I see or hear and these days, the first thought I have is, that could be a book. Then I open Word or the mobile version of Word on my phone and start writing. If I get stuck or it’s taking me some time to come up with the next scene, then I’ll take a break and outline more of what I see in my head. This will usually jumpstart the writing process again. Occasionally, I may not like where a book is going but I don’t delete it, I’ll just transfer it to another document just in case it can be pieced back in or fit into another story.
I try to keep OneNote open to track characters, family, friends, traits, names, etc. Since, I’m a cover addict, 99% of the time, I already have it so I’ll add that so I can keep in mind what I see to make sure that is reflected in the characters. If I take too long coming back to a story, I need to read it from scratch for me to get back into character. If not, the personalities will mix. It’s hard to explain but if my character is rough around the edges and I take a break from writing, then when I approach it again, I need to get back into that raw mindset. If not, my character will mesh with my current feelings which may be mellow and calm. This is a contradiction. That’s not to say the character won’t get there but it’s a process and it needs to happen seamlessly.
Once I finish the document, there are still holes that I’ll leave a blank, highlighted or comment to myself with exactly what I need to figure out or get the advice of my editor. Sometimes, I’ll let the book sit for a while and then go through it again to see how I feel about it and then I’ll submit to the editor for our rounds. This is usually the time when I want a clone that is meticulous and patient, who can handle this much needed process but that never happens. For me it’s gruesome but so necessary.
That’s my process and I love creating the stories, the characters and walking through their various emotions. Love it!

The F Student
Xyla Turner

Publication date: January 10th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Cassius Rice, A.K.A., Cash has not done well in his college classes for over a year. With one semester to go, his father cut him off financially, leaving Cash out of luck. With no other options, he took up an offer that he later regrets. Sleep with his professor and record it, then he would have the money to obtain his college degree.
Simple enough for Cash.
What he did not expect was the Professor’s Teaching Assistant to block his efforts nor did he expect the underground fighting world to be so lucrative. All he wanted was to accomplish his quest and graduate.
Find out what happens when this F student applies himself in more ways than one.
Stay tuned for The D Student, The C Student, The B Student and The A Student.

Author Bio:
Xyla Turner is an award-winning, best-selling romance author. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is a dedicated educator. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and travel as much as her schedule permits.
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