Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book Review: Looking for Trouble by Stacey Mosteller

Allergic to fun


He’s all dirty jokes and curse words, while she’s quiet and shy. She blends into the background, while he is the center of everyone’s attention.

Clay Mitchell never expected to fall in love. Especially not with a girl he’s known all his life and one who’s always been off-limits.

Opposites might attract, but in this case of explosive chemistry, someone's heart is bound to be shattered.


Looking for Trouble is the perfect weekend read. Once you start, you'll have a hard time putting it down. 
Clay is your typical bad boy with nothing more than sex on his mind. Kat is his little brother's best friend and doesn't come across as the synopsis reads. She's not really uptight and allergic to fun. She's just focused on what she wants. And she's definitely not sheltered. 
The romance plays out naturally, and you can't help but fall for Clay and cheer for Kat. This frenemies to lovers story will hold your attention from start to finish and can easily be read in a weekend. 
Recommended for anyone who loves bad boys and good girl type romances. 
**I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review.**