Monday, November 21, 2016

Guest Post: Inspiration for Writing a Series Starring Hollywood Movie-Makers by Madelle Morgan, plus #giveaway

Inspiration for Writing a Series Starring Hollywood Movie-Makers
by Madelle Morgan

In their late teens and early twenties, young adults are discovering who they are and what they want to be. I was inspired to explore filmmaking careers in my new contemporary romance series. Acting is the obvious career, but dozens of other talented professionals are needed to create movie magic. I’m a huge fan of everything Hollywood—the movies, the shows and the creative people who make them.

The Hollywood in Muskoka series focuses on A-List actor Halden Armstrong’s siblings and friends in his wedding party. Each finds love in his or her own story. The contemporary romance series is set in beautiful Muskoka, a Canadian recreational lake district where wealthy celebrities escape the paparazzi at their private, palatial summer “cottages”.

Halden is the millionaire star of the Apollo Superhero movie franchise, but is he marrying the right woman?  And will the members of his wedding party, brother Garth (producer), best friends Wade (entertainment lawyer) and Mickey (talent agent), sister Asta (stunt professional), and Tiffany (starlet) find love in Muskoka?

In the first book in the Hollywood in Muskoka series, Caught on Camera, Rachel (22) is a starstruck chambermaid who wants to be a Hollywood camera operator. When she’s asked to stand in for a missing bridesmaid at Halden’s wedding, she falls for groomsman Mickey, who helps Rachel discover a completely unexpected talent that changes the direction of her life.

In Sex and the Screenwriter, Catrina the security guard hooks up with a screenwriter who turns hot fantasy into reality. Book 2 will be published in mid-2017.

The rest of the series includes:

 Hollywood Hero, Book 3: Wendy, a personal assistant, is in love with her boss, who is too busy promoting his latest film to give her the time of day. When they vacation in Muskoka away from all the Hollywood beauties competing for his attention, will he go for her ultra-personal service?

The Director’s Dilemma, Book 4: Asta, a stunt double, is in love with the burned-out director of Apollo: The Battle for Troy and Apollo’s Vengence. He also happens to be Tiffany’s ex-husband. At the director’s summer retreat on a remote Lake Muskoka island, Asta falls hard, literally, and gets a concussion. When she wakes up, Asta believes she is Tiffany, and is still married to the director.

Getting the Greenlight and The Producer’s Passion are Wade and Garth’s stories. Wade must choose between a pretty game designer and a multi-million dollar movie deal. Garth has pursued Tiffany throughout the series, but is the girl of his dreams actually who she pretends to be?

Caught on Camera 
Madelle Morgan
(Hollywood in Muskoka, #1)
Publication date: September 9th 2016
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

To achieve her dream of working on Hollywood film sets, star struck chambermaid Rachel Lehmann needs $35,000 for film school tuition by the end of the summer. When she’s asked to fill in for a missing bridesmaid at a movie star’s wedding, it’s her big chance to take candid photos of celebrities and sell them to the entertainment media. Then groomsman Mickey McNichol, agent to the stars, sweeps her off her feet.
Mickey’s bitter experience is that everyone in show business fakes emotions. When he falls for the stand-in bridesmaid, he thinks he’s finally met a beautiful woman he can trust. But if Rachel betrays his friends’ privacy, Mickey will ensure she never works in Hollywood.

Author Bio:
Madelle completed four novels before Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. contracted to publish her debut romantic suspense, Diamond Lust—republished as Diamond Hunter—and a sexy, short free read, The Next Big Thing, in 2010.
When Madelle realized her author voice is more suited to light, humorous contemporary romance, she went waaaay back to her teen years for the Hollywood in Muskoka series setting. Madelle, her sisters, and assorted pets enjoyed idyllic summers at a lake in the District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, named by National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of their top 20 Best of the World Must-see Places.
The Muskoka lakes’ forested shorelines are dotted with palatial properties owned by wealthy families and Hollywood celebrities. At sixteen, being neither rich nor famous, Madelle worked briefly as a chambermaid at the now-closed Delawana Inn, a local resort.
Madelle is retired from an engineering career in the federal public service and lives in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, with her husband. She tries to keep fit with cycling, Pilates, and yoga, and dreams of owning a waterfront cottage. Or at least a pool.
She tweets and posts on Facebook and Goodreads about Hollywood, filmmaking, Muskoka, and, of course, writing. She blogs the second Tuesday of the month at and occasionally on her own website.