Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Guest Post by Belle Ami, author of One More Time is Not Enough PLUS #Giveaway

Inspiration for One More Time is Not Enough

One More Time is Not Enough is the third and final novel in The Only One series, written as a standalone. It’s a steamy, sexy suspense novel guaranteed to keep you turning pages. My initial concept came to me, as much of my writing ideas do, in that dream state prior to falling asleep. An idea takes hold of my imagination and I can’t let go. The last couple of years I’ve been reading a lot of thrillers and suspense novels which inspired me to try writing one of my own.
The first book, The One, is based on one question: How well do you really know the one you love? In a brief recap: After Adelia Lindstrom’s parents are killed in a car crash, she is pursued and marries a super wealthy, Miles Bremen, who is gorgeous, and fantastically successful. She thinks she knows him, but she doesn’t. Her world is turned upside down by deception, intrigue and untruths. Adelia doesn’t know it, but she’s been targeted by Miles and his sister Karolin to bear a child for Karolin who cannot have children. It’s a rollercoaster ride of dark secrets and obsessive love.
The second book The One & More, sets up the possibility of Adelia and Miles reuniting, however, Karolin will once more enter the picture bringing the entire house of cards down. The good news is in this second novel Detective David Weiss and Adelia solve the “who done it” murder of Adelia’s parents.
One More Time is Not Enough, my new release is a continuation of the series, in that I’ve stuck with my characters, whom I love. However, that’s where the similarity ends. I’m becoming even more focused on the suspense/thriller aspects, although, I can’t resist sexy love scenes. Really, who can?
Adelia Lindstrom Bremen has a dilemma, she believes she’s in love with two men, her ex-husband, Miles Bremen, and her lover, FBI Agent David Weiss. What she doesn’t know is that she’s about to become the target on a serial killer’s blacklist. Someone is killing climate change deniers.

 Adelia is trying to get her life back on track. She’s a woman who instills passion and desire from the two men who love her. She has everything, she’s independently wealthy, has beautiful twin children, and a career that she loves. Even with all of her blessings her life has become a minefield of lies, disappointments, and tragedy. It will be a race against time for FBI Special Agent David Weiss and his boss/partner Cass Saladino to identify the serial killer. Adelia is about to find out that putting her life back together and opening herself to love may be the least of her worries. Can she find her true love and survive being the prey of a serial killer? Can the two men who love her rescue her in time? The clock is ticking.

One More Time Is Not Enough
Belle Ami

(The Only One, #3)
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: July 13th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Adelia Lindstrom Bremen seems to have it all: Wealth, beauty, perfect twin children, two men in love with her, and a career she loves. But, beneath the veneer of success and prosperity lies disappointment, tragedy, and unending lies. Her parents were murdered, her marriage ended in a custody battle, and she is swept up in a love triangle. Now she has discovered the existence of a half-sister who wants nothing to do with her.
The only thing that could make matters worse is if she were to become the target of a serial killer—that’s about to happen.
Previous books in the series:
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Author Bio:
Belle Ami is an accomplished pianist, world traveler, skier and gourmet cook. She lives in Calabasas, CA and is currently finishing her sequel to The One entitled The One and More, the second novel in her (The Only One) series. She also has a self-published novel in another genre that was awarded Finalist for a major book reward.