Monday, August 8, 2016

Guest Post by Natalie Decker, author of GRAHAM plus #Giveaway

Bring on Some Inspiration
Guest Post by Natalie Decker

A lot of people ask me what inspired me to write something or where do I get my ideas from? And I can’t help but watch a person’s face fall when I give them the answer. It’s like they are expecting me to say, “Well, I pull out my magical wand,” throw in a wink, “Because you know I’m a witch. I say a spell and poof an idea for a book is right there.” This would be totally awesome if I were in fact a witch. Sadly no magic runs through these veins. Nor do I have super powers of any kind.

My inspiration and ideas come from Life. I realize that’s not a very good answer. Because what the heck does LIFE even mean? For some it could mean doing the daily routine, every day. Breathing, living that sort of thing. For me it is a little more deeper than that. It’s an adventure, challenge, it’s the crazy things we see and being able to embrace it with all it is. It’s love, laughing, smiling, and a whole lot more.

I get inspired to write scenes or my ideas from eating different foods, being in a different place. It doesn’t have to be an exotic beach or near a breathtaking waterfall. I could be sitting on a bench at a baseball diamond watching my son play baseball. I could be playing volleyball with my daughter in the backyard. It could be a simple as a bike ride, or watching the history channel. Sometimes eating dinner with my family inspires me to write different things.

I’ll give you an example of a family dinner. The topic of discussion is if aliens are real or not? My daughter will say, “I don’t think so. If they were how come we never saw one?” My son, “Maybe we have and we just don’t know it. They could look like us. Just bleed green.” And this will have me not only laughing at the silliness of that statement but also questioning well what if we were all aliens and didn’t know it? What if we were all sent here to live on earth, colonize it but something went terribly wrong during our trip here? Maybe the light years made us somehow lose our memories of our old planet. Our intelligence took a hit too. Once we touched down on earth we had no way to communicate. Our language was lost. Our mission for being there was a total blank. So it took us over three thousand years to gain back what we once were. And what would happen if our species came to investigate how we were doing? Would we see them as a threat or start to remember? Or would they lose their memories as well? And yes, this is how my brain works. It’s crazy and always questioning every little thing.

This is how my ideas form and where I draw my inspiration from. It’s just everyday little events. So go out there and get inspired.

Book blurb:

Graham Nichols’s main goal in life is to forget. Getting high, completely wasted, and running through a string of sexy blonds daily helps him achieve this task. But one night of partying lands him in a heap of trouble and sent back to the confinements of his hometown. Things can’t possibly get worse, right?

Sarah Morris can't seem to run fast enough away from her past. She’s spent months trying to amend her ways, and is doing a pretty good job. She’s getting good grades, isn't acting like a spoiled brat, and even works at the local grocery store. The last thing she needs is a distraction.

Enter Graham Nichols, the one mistake Sarah can't escape.

Author Bio
Natalie Decker is the author of the bestselling YA series RIVAL LOVE. She loves oceans, sunsets, sand between her toes, and carefree days. Her imagination is always going, which some find odd. But she believes in seeing the world in a different light at all times. Her first passion for writing started at age twelve when she had to write a poem for English class. However, seventh grade wasn’t her favorite time and books were her source of comfort. She took all college prep classes in High school, and attended the University of Akron. Although she studied Mathematics she never lost her passion for writing or her comfort in books. She’s a huge Denver Broncos fan, loves football, a mean cook in the kitchen, loves her family and friends and misses her dog infinity times infinity. If she’s not writing, reading, traveling, hanging out with her family and friends, then she’s off having an adventure. Because Natalie believes in a saying: Your life is your own journey, so make it amazing!


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