Monday, August 22, 2016

Guest Post by Allyn Lesley, author of Deeper: Desent PLUS #Giveaway

Guest Post by Allyn Lesley

blogs and coffee, thank you so much for allowing me to speak directly with your readers. It’s always great to connect with new readers.

For those who aren’t familiar with me, allow me to tell you two things about myself: I’m a new author who’s written six novels and I love the romance genre. I released my first novel, Deeper (Book One of The Deeper Chronicles), back in 2014 with great fear and excitement. So while it may seem that with two years at this writing thing and six books under my belt, I know about ‘the writing process’ (which is what this post is about) I really don’t because I’m still learning.

Given what I’ve stated to be a true fact, when it comes to me specifically outside of the editing process there really is no rhyme or reason to my writing process. Sometimes, inspiration for a novel comes from my own life, sometimes from driving down the street, and sometimes from a song. Across the six novels I’ve shared with the universe so far, the complexity of life is a driving force behind all of my characters, their motivations, and their decisions. I don’t plot, in the traditional sense. By that I mean, sometimes, but not all the time, I only know the gist of the story ... the beginning, middle, and end remains a mystery until I sit down with my laptop.

But, almost always here are the two things integral to my writing process: characters backstories (even if they change once the novel is flushed out) and my muses. Backstories, to me, grab a read. These are the reasons readers either cheers for or calls for the death of a character. I need my readers to fall in love with my hero and heroine. And lastly, I’m a visual person. I need to know what my characters look like and so I spend hours creating Pinterest boards for current and in-the-process stories.

That’s my writing process . Thanks so much for having me. 

Deeper: Descent
Allyn Lesley

(The Deeper Chronicles #2)
Publication date: April 5th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

He’s been a pawn in a game all along…
The King of New York is back. And now, he’s got a Queen on his arm. Just when Noah Adams and Avi Linton are finally settling in to their “happily ever after,” another evil is preparing to make a move. This time, the game just got a little more dangerous and nobody will come out unharmed. Determined to protect her at all costs, Noah puts his life on the line for the only woman who ever mattered to him. But that might not be enough.
When the past begins to threaten their future, Avi and Noah must fight for their present. But can they battle against their enemy without descending deeper into danger?

Author Bio:
allyn lesley writes real stories about real people.
As a teen, allyn lost herself in the pages of some of Romance’s heavyweights, trusting that a happy ever after was just around the corner. In allyn’s own writing journey, as in life, she’s learned that people don’t always experience recovery and restoration after a fall. Her stories speak to the gritty side of life where the right choice isn't always easily identified and happiness not quickly gained.