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Book Blitz: Wonderwall by M.H. Soars

Wonderwall by M.H. Soars 
Publication date: October 28th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


There is something magical when best friends fall in love. Liv and Sebastian used to be inseparable until circumstances beyond their control destroyed their fairytale romance to dust.
Liv hasn’t seen Sebastian since he walked out of her life five years ago. When she accepted her internship in London, she never dreamed their paths would cross again. Not when Sebastian is a celebrity, a singer in one of the most popular boy bands of all times. Living in the same city, their worlds couldn’t be farther apart. But when two people are destined to be together, they can’t outrun fate.

M. H. Soars always knew creative arts were her calling but not in a million years did she think she would become an author. With a background in fashion design she thought she would follow that path. But one day, out of the blue, she had an idea for a book. One page turned into ten pages, ten pages turned into a hundred, and before she knew, her first novel, The Prophecy of Arcadia, was born.
M. H. Soars resides in Florida with her husband and baby daughter. She is currently working on the Arcadian Wars series, and the Love Me, I'm Famous series.

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Guest Post by McKayla Schutt, author of Imprinted: The Series

Make NANO work for you!

Alright, as many authors know NANO or National Novel Month is coming up soon. I want to be here to tell everyone to calm down, take a breath and that it will be alright. What I have learned from only doing NANO for the past two years, this year will be my third, is that you have to make it work for you and what you do.

If you are doing it to challenge yourself then good for you or if you are using it as a way to get your story finished then do it. Even if you get stuck at the beginning of the month that is ok just keep pushing yourself. That shinny 50k is so great to see for most and last year I got to 47k at midnight on December 1st. But I used my stories after NANO was over.

Most authors think that their draft is so horrible that it’s not worth using after that. I am here to tell you that if you find yourself saying this year after year then focus on the story more than your word count. Use the time you spend trying to get to that 50k on where you want your story to go.

Once you are able to focus on that then you will be able to believe in yourself more. Last year I wrote 3 short stories instead of 1 long one. I made it work for me, not the other way around. One of them is actually now a part of an anthology. Some may say your cheating but to me I say who cares on that front if you can make it work where you can use the story later then do it that way. Then you aren’t wasting an entire month for nothing.

I hope you find my tips on NANO inspirational. *giggle*

Imprinted: The Series
McKayla Schutt

Paranormal Romance/ Erotica
Author Bio
McKayla loves to write books about sexy werewolves. She is a stay at home mom of two in the state of Wyoming. Born in California, she misses the hot weather all of the time. Her goals for the year was to publish all three books in the Imprinted Series, which she has achieved. Her other goal is to work on two books for next year. Mom of two little ones can take time but she is pushing to finish her work to get more books out for her lovely fans.
Social Media Links:
My page:
Imprinted: A bond between a werewolf and another person that can't be broken. If one tries to break the bond it is painful for both parties.
Kindra is about to imprint with a sexy werewolf named Judden. Kindra must find her place in the pack and help Judden deal with what is to come. The pack north wants a war but all Judden wants is peace with his brothers and his mate.
Will Kindra finally feel like she belongs? Will Judden step up when his pack needs him to? Find out in the Imprinted: The Series.

“Did you…” She didn’t know what to say. He leaned into her and placed his lips on hers. Her body woke up to his touch, making her lean into him, trying to let her body touch him more. He broke off, breathing heavily, his hot breath turning Kindra on even more. She could smell him, an earthy tone with a hint of soap. She felt her heat getting ready for him, a coil tightened around her that only he could release.
“I didn’t know that was going to happen. But I’m glad it did.” Judden’s face was inches away from Kindra’s.
“What do you mean? What was that you shocked me with?” Kindra was baffled.
“Well that’s hard to explain, but I’m glad I found you.”
“You’re scaring me a little.” Her body went rigid in his cage of human flesh. He smiled at her.
“Don’t be scared.” A wave of relaxation came with Judden’s words. She felt safer around him than she should. There was a calming warmth that wrapped around her, soothing her heart rate a little. The door swung open and everyone came out clapping. She felt like an ant under a microscope making her feel uncomfortable.
 “Why are they clapping?” Kindra bit her lower lip, she hated being on the outside of the joke.
Judden sighed. “I wish you guys were patient.” He turned to glare at them.
“Come on, explain what happened.” Brad’s voice sounded like he was enjoying this. Another sigh escaped Judden’s lips.
“Fine.” He turned his head back to Kindra. “Please don’t freak out but that was an imprint.”
Kindra racked her brain to remember why that word sounded familiar. She let her mind spin around, searching for the correlation with imprinting.  It clicked: Oh my gosh, werewolves imprinted on women. Her eyes widened at the conclusion of her life changing the moment she touched him. She had heard rumors of werewolves finding mates in humans, but in California it was a rare occurrence especially where she lived in the hot desert.
“You mean…” She paused, her voice shaking. She took a deep breath then tried again. “What you’re saying is…” Nope she couldn’t bring herself to say anything else. Every thought raced through her head from what her family was going to say to what she was going to do. Judden waited patiently for her to process, like he understood she needed a moment.

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Cover Reveal: Collision by Emma L. Adams

Today is the cover reveal for Collision (Alliance #3) by Emma L. Adams. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.


Collision (Alliance #3)
by Emma L. Adams
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Age category: Adult
Release Date: late 2015

When Earth suddenly gains inexplicably high levels of magic, all fingers point at the Alliance.

On a distant world, where magic-fuelled forces of nature rule over humans, a disaster is sweeping the land, threatening to knock the Balance across the Multiverse out of sync. When Kay and Ada are sent there with the other Ambassadors, they’re thrown into the centre of chaos. Nature is alive, and angry.

Ada embraces the magic she still half-fears, but learning to control it proves harder than she can imagine. Kay, meanwhile, becomes more reckless than ever when testing the boundaries of his own abilities. When faced with living magic, no one is safe from its influence. Ada and Kay must choose what they’re willing to risk for the sake of saving a world that might already be doomed. Can mortals overcome the gods?

You can find Collision on Goodreads

You can pre-order Collision here:
- Amazon

Emma AdamsAbout the Author:
Emma spent her childhood creating imaginary worlds to compensate for a disappointingly average reality, so it was probably inevitable that she ended up writing speculative fiction. She was born in Birmingham, UK, which she fled at the first opportunity to study English Literature at Lancaster University. In her three years at Lancaster, she hiked up mountains, skydived in Australia, and endured a traumatic episode involving a swarm of bees in the Costa Rican jungle. She also entertained her creative writing group and baffled her tutors by submitting strange fantasy tales featuring dragons and supernatural monsters to workshops. These included her first publication, a rather bleak dystopian piece, and a disturbing story about a homicidal duck (which she hopes will never see the light of day).

Now a reluctant graduate, Emma refuses to settle down and be normal. When not embarking on wild excursions and writing fantasy novels, she edits and proofreads novels for various publishing houses and reads an improbable number of books. Emma is currently working on the Alliance series, a multiple-universe adult fantasy featuring magic, monsters, cool gadgets and sarcasm. Her upper-YA urban fantasy Darkworld series is published by Curiosity Quills Press.

You can find and contact Emma here:
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Book Blitz: Cado by D.T. Dyllin

Cado by D.T. Dyllin 
Publication date: October 26th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance


Is the love of a bad man as fulfilling as that of a good man—if he’s good to you?
The fantasy for most women is the happily ever after, the white knight or the prince charming. Or maybe they imagine the hero swoops in to save them from their mundane existence. But what happens if you catch the attention of the villain instead? Tiffany aka Karma is about to find out…
Karma isn’t just a name; it’s a way of life for an exotic dancer with a taste for vigilante justice. She should have been more careful though, because her deeds haven’t gone completely unnoticed. A man who isn’t quite human, with the predilection for destruction, has set his sights on her. His brand of love is tainted…twisted, and Karma is powerless to resist.

D.T. Dyllin is a bestselling author who writes both paranormal and contemporary romance. Anything with a love story is her kryptonite. Her obsession with affairs-of-the-heart is what first drove her to begin twisting her own tales of scorching romance. 

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and two spoiled German Shepherds.

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Guest Post by Brantwijn Serrah

Raising the Stakes – On Writing About Vampires and their Paranormal Buddies
Once upon a time, there was a reluctant vampire. He didn’t want to be like all the other vampires, who lurked in the darkness and preyed on poor, innocent humans. So he decided to live on animal blood instead. He found ways to walk in the daylight. He took on the noble cause of living a life of abstinence from his inhuman nature. He “reformed”. He’s the Good Vampire, and he’s the boy all the human girls want.
And I’m sick of him.
The first “Good Vampire” I ever met was Angel, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Back then, his story was pretty much the best way to incorporate a redeemable bloodsucking vampire into the role of a protagonist. It was a good story for all of about two seasons of the show—and if you’re a Buffy fan, you’ll know that Season 2 turned Angel the Good Vampire into Angel the Vicious Bloodthirsty Villain anyway. After his stint as the Buffy Big Bad, however, Angel just never had the same bite.
Other notable “Good Vampires” include Louis, Bill Compton, Alucard, Vampire Hunter D, and of course, the goody-goodiest of them all, Edward Cullen. A lot of people claim that Edward Cullen has emasculated the vampire genre because he’s so clearly a dashing romantic hero lead, but that’s not why I have a problem with him. Rather, I take issue with the facts that:
·       He’s a “vegetarian”; his bloodsucking in no way harms or endangers any human beings. No human must be afraid of him.
·       He has no reason at all to fear the sun. “Sparkling” isn’t a danger, it’s just an inconvenience.
·       He enjoys all of the benefits of being a vampire (and even some extra benefits), and absolutely none of the drawbacks.
·       For Edward, being “the Good Vampire” is about as hard as being “the Vampire with Brown Hair”.

As an avid fan of vampires, I don’t so much care that Edward is a protagonist, or a romantic lead, or physically perfect. I don’t like him because as far as vampires go, he’s the privileged, whiny, spoiled brat of the bloodsucking family.  He broods, but why? Stephenie Meyers created vampires with nothing to brood about. Their worst concern is being caught sparkling in public. What in the world does Edward have to be repentant for, why should he worry about his soul, what does he have to be afraid of, what conflicts does he have to face because of what he is?
It’s not just Edward who over-tropes the Good Vampire, though, and I’ve lost interest in vampires with such low stakes (har de har har). A vampire who drinks True Blood or hunts down animals for his blood supply is zero threat and incidentally, has nothing to brood about or repent of. A vampire who walks in the sun has no reason to feel imprisoned by the night or separated from humanity. A vampire who has no struggle with his inner leech, is not compelling.
This is why my Blood and Fire vampires are forced into conflict with so many classic vampire stakes.
In the Blood and Fire world, a vampire can’t opt out of drinking human blood. Animals and blood bank fare will not meet their needs. Whether the vampire wants to be a hero or not, she’s going to have to drink from the veins of a living human being in order to survive, and learn to somehow live with it.
The only way a vampire can emerge—temporarily—in the sun, is if there’s heavy cloud cover from horizon to horizon and not a ray of sunlight in sight. And even then, she won’t be hunting humans or going about any normal business because she’s still going to burn...just less quickly.
Vampires in Blood and Fire have no souls. The moment a human being dies and becomes a vampire, their soul is gone. They can’t get it back, like in Buffy. This also means they don’t have an afterlife. They don’t even get to leave a beautiful corpse.
“Good Vampires” aren’t just scoffed at. They’re black marks on the Nation’s honor. The very creedo that demons live by makes them reprehensible and loathsome to their people. If they aren’t enslaved, they’re put to death.
Why do I do this to my creatures of the night? Why not give them a break? Because I believe real heroes are the ones who struggle against the highest odds. I like vampires that are frightening, and intense, and truly mired in a battle of good and evil. If their conflict is to matter it must be real conflict. They don’t get a lot of extra chances and they don’t get many breaks, and you know what? It’s the ones that still manage to redeem themselves, when all odds are against them, that are the truly good vampires.

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Author bio 
When she isn't visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can't handle coffee unless there's enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours watching Futurama, American Horror Story or Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she writes or draws.
In addition to her novels, Brantwijn has self-published erotic short stories available on Smashwords or Amazon.  She's also had a short story published in the Cleiss Press Big Book of Orgasm and the anthology Coming Together Through The Storm. She hopes to have several more tales to tell as time goes on.  She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog at

Book cover and blurb

They say love ruined her. It's time to prove them wrong.
Half a century ago, Rhiannon lost the woman she loved. Since then, unlife has held little meaning for her, and she's fallen from grace among the vampire nation. She once swore to throw herself into the sun the day Aijyn died...but it turns out she's no good at keeping promises.
Sometimes the best cure for heartache is surrender. There's a demon in London with new promises: darkness to run in, pleasures to hunt, rules to break. Sent to track down a dangerous traitor, Rhiannon is caught up in a game of murder and treachery between three warring races...and the sinful, seductive shadow-walker who could be her redemption, or her ultimate undoing.

Book excerpt
In a blink, the demon disappeared into the silhouette of the smoke stack. Then, Rhiannon felt slender fingers brushing along her shoulder, slow and coy. She spun to find Vivienne lounging happily on her stomach atop another chimney, slipped there through the shadows without a sound.
“What we have heard about you,” she said, “is far from rumor.”
Rhiannon jerked away. “Don’t touch me.”
The corner of Vivienne’s smile twitched, for a moment becoming hard, an irritated scowl.
“Yourkind is only the Fourth Blood of the Drogh Lord’s kingdom,” she hissed. “The werewolves and shadiil came long before vampires. We are older than even the oldest of your race, gravespawn, something you and your mother would do well to keep in mind.”
Rhiannon bristled at the insult. “Older than vampires, but still the spawn of beasts,” she spat. “Rife with a touch of madness because of it, I’d say.”
Vivienne fell silent, searching Rhiannon carefully. “They say you have been mad once.”
Rhiannon’s spine straightened. A wary prickle traveled through her shoulders and a low growl started deep in her throat.
“Drank the blood of another vampire, didn’t you?” the shadiil purred. “Drained a rival warrior to death, just as a rabid thrall does, and lost your pretty little mind.”
Rhiannon’s hand returned to the hilt of her blade.
“You haven’t exactly been the same since then, have you, Rhiannon Donovan?”
“It’s a lie,” she muttered. “I am not a thrall. I know my own mind and I am notrabid!”
Vivienne’s smirk returned, as if renewed by the anger she’d provoked. She slid her knees out from under her and dropped to the rooftop, backing Rhiannon down.
“You were expected to become the first Archon in the history of the Blood Circle Council to bear four fangs,” she said. “A vampire colder and crueler than any ever squirted out from between her dam’s thighs. Colder and crueler than most who were sired with a bite, perhaps. What happened to you, Rhiannon Donovan? Where did your strict, disciplined focus and cold-blooded dedication go? Where is the tigre méchant et sanguinaire, the malicious and bloodthirsty tiger?”
“Back away, shadiil,” the vampire spat. “I am still a Weapons master.”
Vivienne stopped, tilting her head, scanning Rhiannon up and down with giddy cruelty.
“They were wrong about you,” she said. “You are no Archon.”
“It no longer matters to me if I am.”
Green eyes glittered. “Myrace knows better, little Rhiannon. My queen knows better. You will throw off every expectation the bloodsuckers have of you. You will throw off every expectation everyone has of you. You are no Archon at heart.”
She stood close enough that her pretty, elfin nose almost touched Rhiannon’s. The vampire realized she’d stopped growling, caught off guard by those glowing, hypnotic eyes.
Non, non, Rhiannon. At heart, you are nothing less than a Councilwoman herself.”
Rhiannon snorted.
“Youare the one who is mad, shadiil,” she muttered, turning to slip down the way she had come. “Run off. Let me hunt in peace.”
“I am not teasing you, ma chérie,” Vivienne said with a smile. “This is what the seers have told us: you will become the greatest vampire among allvampires.”
“Your seers are blind.”
With a cold rush of shadows, the other demon appeared out of the darkness before her, materialized in the silhouette of the window casement.
“Enough of grand talk then, since it bothers you so,” she murmured. “Reconsider hunting with me. We will find this beast and put it in the ground. You can go back to your race a hero and get back on the path you pursued so hungrily before you lost your mind.”
“I didn’tlose my mind!” Rhiannon insisted, pushing past her.
“The shadiil prides of London and our werewolf allies will be far more helpful to you than your own kind. We are not so busy prattling about the blame and covering up our blunders. You will find us to be far more pleasant company.”
“I don’t want company.”
Arrêtez, ma cher...wait.”
Rhiannon paused, another growl escaping her.
Vivienne strolled up to her side. “May I see your teeth, ma beau chérie?
Rhiannon sneered. “What?”
Vivienne lunged, putting her soft hands to Rhiannon’s face and nudging her lips away from her teeth. As the curious beast inspected the bracketed fangs in eyeteeth and canines, her smile quirked up at the corners even more. She started to purr, her tongue peeking out to run over her dark lips.

“Oh...they are most lovely, bastard child,” she murmured, stroking one hand along Rhiannon’s cheek. “So lovely, I could almost bite you myself, and send you home to your mother with my naughty teeth marks all over your tight little body.”

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Cover Reveal: Looking for Trouble by Stacey Mosterller

Looking for Trouble by Stacey Mosteller 
(Nashville U #1) 
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: December 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Allergic to fun


He’s all dirty jokes and curse words, while she’s quiet and shy. She blends into the background, while he is the center of everyone’s attention.
Clay Mitchell never expected to fall in love. Especially not with a girl he’s known all his life and one who’s always been off-limits.
Opposites might attract, but in this case of explosive chemistry, someone’s heart is bound to be shattered.
As enemies become friends and friends morph into more; Clay has definitely met his match.

Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances and Shadows of the Past (co-authored with H.M. Ward), the Nashville Nights, Two Sisters and Nashville U series (coming late 2015 from Swoon Romance).

She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore – not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she’s supposed to be writing or creating endless Spotify playlists!

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Guest Post by Casey Sheridan, author of Number 69

Write What You Know. Write What You Like

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I'd like to start off by thanking Lynn Stevens for allowing me on the blog today.

I remember reading somewhere (I forgot where), two pieces of advice for those that wanted to become writers, "Write what you know" and "Write what you like".

The first piece about writing what you know is a bit harder to do. I know about gemstones, especially pearls, because of my day job. I know about cats because I have them and I volunteer to care for feral/outdoor cats. That's not a lot to work with when it comes to writing a book.

The second piece of advice, "Write what you like", is a bit easier. I like chocolate, animals, jewelry, shoes, writing, reading, and so much more. But is any of that worth writing about?

When I sat down to write Number 69 I had some thinking to do in regard to "what I like". I decided to apply that principle to my character, Elliott Stevens. He's a tad older than most heroes in books since he has some grey in his brown hair, but he's intelligent, protective, has a sense of humor, and is playful. All of those things are what I like in a man. Yes, Elliot is handsome, but it's the other aspects of his personality that make him hot. And the dimples. I can't forget those damn dimples when he smiles, they're breathtaking.

I applied the "what I know" principle when I gave Melodie a cat. I know cats. I have cats. I care for cats. I know cats. She needed one and I gave her my cat. Yep, my cat Cecil is in Number 69. He's only in the first chapter and only for a short time, but he's there. And he's so cute in it too, if I do say so myself.

Figure out how to add "what you know" and "what you like" to your work, and you'll have a lot of fun writing. It may be hard work, but who says you can't have fun with it too?

Before I go, I wanted to ask if you'd help me out with something. You see, I love animals and I help care for feral and other outdoor kitties, and October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. There are activities taking place all over (U.S. and International). You can find out what's happening in your community by visiting

What I need your help with is spreading the word. I'm donating all my book royalties for October to Alley Cat Allies ( as a month long celebration of National Feral Cat Day. Let others know when they purchase any of my books this month the royalties will be donated and they'll be helping kitties live healthier lives.

Thank you so much!

Blurb for Number 69
A matchmaking party was not Melodie's idea of fun, and wearing vibrating panties was just plain weird. Or was it?

Should she go to the party? After all, she just might meet Mr. Right. And if he doesn't show, she has the vibrating panties to keep things interesting.

About Casey Sheridan
Like most authors, Casey Sheridan began writing when she was very young. It was later in life when she read her first piece of erotica and it was on a dare that she wrote her first erotic story.

Casey enjoys writing erotic, fun, and romantic fiction with unique storylines.

An introvert and lover of chocolate, Casey is happiest when writing. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching movies. She loves animals and volunteers to care for a local feral/community kitty pals.

Add your name to Casey's mailing list to be kept up to date on her latest news and releases:

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Guest Post: Why I Write by Richard Brumer, author of The Chemist's Shop

Why I write
After years of skiing down mountains, sailing oceans and backpacking to exotic places, I needed a different form of stimulation, a new adventure, something that would bring me closer to my inner self. Writing was it!
The problem was I didn't know anything related to how to write a novel so I read what I could, joined a writer's group and learned the basics--the very basics. My early efforts were the necessary disasters that all writers know about.
After awhile, there was nothing more wonderful (and frustrating) to me as a blank page. I stared at many blank pages until I wrote the first line of my first novel, Rick never forgot the day that Julie died. There it was, pure and simple, in print and in front of my eyes. After months of writing the novel, Meeting Max was finished. It was over, or so I thought, until I realized the book was really only a first draft. It took another year until it was finished and finally published.  My advice to new writers is to write a solid back cover blurb for your book. It should end with a sentence that will intrigue the reader and encourage him/her to buy the book. An example is my blurb from my latest book, The Chemist’s Shop:

Pharmacology professor Michael Ross retires from the world of academia in 1970 and opens a community pharmacy in a peaceful upstate New York Town. He puts the horrific tragedies of his past behind him and finds serenity in his new life. That is, until he recognizes a customer as former Nazi SS officer, Hans Stern.
Michael looks into Stern’s cold steel-blue eyes, clenches his fists and boils inside, remembering how his three young daughters were taken from him and gassed, and his wife, Ilona, was tortured, raped and stripped of all dignity by Stern twenty-five years earlier in Auschwitz.
Face to face with this evil being, Michael forces himself to stay calm. In that moment, he experiences two opposing but related feelings. One is anger, the other exhilaration.
He could not protect his family then, but he can avenge their deaths now. It wasn’t just about killing Stern. That would be too easy. His death had to be slow, painful, and diabolical, and it begins with a game of chess.

I have written two other published novels, The Chemist’s Shop, and The Last Sunrise.

My advice to others: Think of writing as a fulfilling, emotional experience. Envision how your book is going to end. The story is everything so keep it moving—no dead spots. Maintain tension if you’re writing a thriller. Get comfortable, sit at your computer with a glass of wine and fill up that blank page with the beginning of your story—don’t edit it as you go along. Avoid weak words such as about, just, and most adverbs. Above all join a local writer’s group.

The Chemist's Shop
Richard Brumer
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out...
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out...
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out...
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me...and there was no one left to speak for me.
—Martin Niemoller, Protestant pastor
The Chemist’s Shop, a novel by RICHARD BRUMER. It is a gripping psychological suspense thriller wrapped around a tender love story.
Pharmacology professor Michael Ross retires from the world of academia in 1970 and opens a community pharmacy in a peaceful upstate New York town. He puts the horrific tragedies of his past behind him and finds serenity in his new life. That is, until he recognizes a customer as former Nazi SS officer, Hans Stern.
Michael looks into Stern’s cold steel-blue eyes, clenches his fists and boils inside, remembering how his three young daughters were taken from him and gassed, and his wife, Ilona, was tortured, raped and stripped of all dignity by Stern, twenty-five years earlier in Auschwitz.
Face to face with this evil being, Michael forces himself to stay calm. In that moment, he experiences two opposing but related feelings. One is anger, the other exhilaration.
Michael could not protect his family then, but he can avenge their deaths now. It isn’t just about killing Stern. That would be too easy. His death has to be slow, painful, and diabolical, and it begins with a game of chess.


I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be with you for the past few days. The court case consumes me but being in jail doesn’t take me away from you, When I lost you and later learned you were in Paradise, I felt cursed by the distance between us. But now I feel blessed that I can enjoy the finer parts of our love that others with the privilege of nearness fail to notice.
Our minds and hearts are joined for all eternity, a gift perhaps few can share. Thank you so much for loving me and being my wife.

Miklos and Ilona protected their daughters from worry and harm so they could live in their sweet world of innocence. He was delighted to see his girls play dress-up as they danced around the house, like little ballerinas, to the music of Swan Lake. Little Eva was the best dancer of them all.
“Go, go, Eva,” he shouted and clapped with his hands over his head.
She turned and spun, like a prima ballerina, the star of the show. She had her own graceful style and expressed her emotions with her small, delicate hands, dancing and turning, with her arms arched above her. In his mind’s eye, Miklos saw her grown-up, in her ballet costume, on point and on stage.
The twins skipped and danced until they were breathless. They were all dressed up and fancy, painted with their mother’s makeup and wearing colorful outfits sewn together by Ilona from scraps of material. Roza and Magda had their own sense of grace. They lived in the moment, their moment, as they twirled their young bodies, attempted pirouettes, and leaped into the air.

Ilona turned toward Miklos and whispered in his ear, “When the girls are finished dancing, remind me to tell you something.”
“Tell me now.”
“No, it’s a surprise for the whole family.”
Magda’s excited cries interrupted them. “Look at me, look at me!” She skipped barefoot along the hardwood floor, spinning, turning and bowing to her audience.
“Wonderful!” Miklos shouted as he clapped in rhythm to the music.
“Look at me, too,” Roza yelled as she jumped up and down on the sofa.
Then little Eva caught her breath and performed her solo. “Look at me, Papa. I’m the swan queen.”
She twirled her young body around until she was dizzy, but continued to dazzle her audience. At the end of her dance, her black curls were wet with perspiration and she bowed to everyone as they applauded. Her eyes widened and sparkled when Miklos presented her with a red rose he had taken from Ilona’s birthday bouquet.
“Oh, Papa, thank you!” she said, taking in the delicate scent of the rose.
“You’re welcome, Eva. Every ballerina should have flowers when she takes her bows at the end of her performance.”
Miklos squeezed his wife’s hand. “Did you ever think that when our girls were born, they would provide us with so much entertainment?”
“Never,” Ilona said with tears of delight. “We were given a gift, a wonderful present,” she said, her dark-brown eyes glistening.
“We’re blessed,” he said with a deep sigh, but his thoughts were troubled.
 “Will we be all right, Miklos?” Ilona asked. “I’m worried about the girls. They’re so young, just babies.”
“Everything will go well. I was a professor. The Nazis will show respect and find some use for me. We will be safe, Ilona. I promise you.”
Little Eva was out of breath. She sat on the couch, her chest heaving in and out, but Roza and Magda continued to dance with the little energy they had left. They loved each other in a special way, as twins do, but had distinctive personalities. Magda was a bit of a complainer, but good-natured. At the dinner table, she would scrutinize the food carefully and either eat it or give it a “yuck.” Her dream was to be a singer, and she constantly hummed and whistled her tunes. Roza was the resident introvert. She read books and loved to write poetry. She was sensitive, like her mother. Miklos thought that when his girls grew up, they would be a gift to the artistic world. They had so much ahead of them and were lucky to be at the beginning of their lives. The dancing and music continued. Everything will work out all right. He and Ilona continued to be an enthusiastic audience. They clapped and sang through their daughters performances.
The sound of marching boots and loud banging on the door brought the festivities to a halt.
Author Bio:
Richard Brumer grew up in the Bronx and now lives in Florida with his wife Carol. For many years his passions were skiing, sports car racing, and sailing, including sailing solo in the South Pacific. As a retired pharmacist, he turned his hand to writing and has written several novels and short stories.
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