Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tour: Guest Post by Patricia Asedegbega, author of WHEN I GROW UP


When I grow up...

"You need a plan B," said Alicia’s mother when at five years old she told her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Thirty odd years later, Alicia is on plan D: sharing a flat, no tangible savings, and working for hateful Julia, whose sole purpose in life is to make her existence utterly miserable. Good thing she has Oscar and the girls to make the long hours at work bearable. But when a series of events tears the close-knit group apart, putting friendships and motives under suspicion, will Alicia be able to restore balance and set things right? More importantly, will she ever be able to upgrade her life to at least plan C?

Guest Post
Being an author of suspense, I try not to give away almost anything of my books. When writing I surround my work with an aura of mystery, not answering hardly any of the questions family and friends ask about the plot as I like creating a feeling of expectation that I hope does not lead to disappointment when they finally read the book. Because of this I can´t give a lot away about my new release “When I grow up…” but I can say that it is a book that I think will bring back memories for most of the readers.
Most of my characters are people that we come in contact almost daily, a widow in her sixties who has spent all her life taking care of her family, a young girl who leaves her country and settles down in another to earn a living, a secretary who wants to do something else with her life… I try to make them come alive in the pages of the novel, making them three dimensional characters with their quirks, characteristics vices and virtues. But most especially, I work with everyday heroes and heroines, the good thing about them is that their stories can change in an instant and readers want to know what will happen to them next. I hope we can all grow old together and be able to accompany each other in the journey of life because, that is what a good book should be able to do, transport its readers on a unique journey, leaving them wanting to start again.
I try to treat my readers the way I like being treated by the authors whose books I read. It´s nice to imagine that it´s not just one more lazily written book that has been brought out to keep the production line going. But a piece of work that a lot of hours and thought has been put into. This is something the reader easily discerns. For an author it is incredibly gratifying to have readers wait impatiently for the next volume in a series to come out. I feel blessed to have created characters that are both loved and hated but all of them are just as important to build the novel in question. Each character in a book, no matter how small a part they play is important to achieve the desired result, the difference is that some are short lived and others are not. But as I´m writing this, I´m wondering how some of my books would have turned out if I had put the focus on some and not others. Alternate scenarios are very interesting and they lead to the important question of “What if...? What if Mama Peace had gone to work for Adele instead of Richard? Rosario and Balou didn´t cross paths, Alicia hadn´t left No-good Carlos…


Author of I stand Corrected, Rewind, Balou Uncensored, Bienvenidos a gatos anĂ³nimos, Pasarse cuatro Pueblos and Sesenta segundos dan para mucho, Patricia Asedegbega Nieto was born to a Spanish mother and a Nigerian father in Madrid. As a child, she relocated with her family to Nigeria and later returned to Spain, where she acquired her BSc and master´s degree.

She is currently living near Madrid with her family and her very stubborn cat, Merlin Mojito.

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