Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Tour: 3volve by Josefina Gutierrez PLUS Giveaway

Title: 3volve
Author: Josefina Gutierrez
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

From author Josefina Gutierrez, of “The Shadow of Loss”, comes a new New-Adult contemporary love story.
I thought my life began when I graduated high school and moved far, far away—okay three hours away. But I was wrong. My life didn’t start until it almost ended.
I’m Cristal Escobedo, twenty-two years old and a former wild child who favors tequila far too much. But that all changed when life happened, and I ended up being responsible for my younger brothers. To top it all off, I think I’m falling in love with my best friend—dammit.
This is my not-so-happy story of how I grew up and got my shit together. My story isn’t filled with a bunch of pretty analogies or hyperboles. The people are real, the hurt is deep, and the love is complicated. People are flawed in the ways that matter; it’s what makes us human.

Author Bio
 Josefina Gutierrez is a Young Adult eBook author, who resides in San Antonio. Josefina writes Young Adult Multicultural, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy literature in her free time when she’s not embarking on adventures with her son and gnomes Fitzgerald and Bartholomew. Her current projects in the works are a Fantasy dystopian series, a Mystery-Thriller eBook, and New-Adult Contemporary Romance.


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“Let me spell it out for you: you plus Charlie equals destiny, chica.”
I shake my head. “I was never good at math, but I think you have that equation all wrong.” Her mouth is moving and words are coming out, but it’s like she’s speaking another language. It’s not destiny. Bitch is cray cray. I love her and everything, but she’s losing it here, and I should be the hot mess right now.
She clutches my arms. “Destiny,” she waves her hand like some glittering sign above our heads—more like a dim lit convenient store sign with dying batteries. Hmph destiny my sweet ass.
At that moment Charlie walks in, “What we talking about?” he asks poking at my first attempt at chicken enchiladas. He promptly spits it back out, “Mmm so good.” He lies swishing water in his mouth.
“Destiny.” Vanessa does the whole imaginary sign again and winks her eyes repeatedly. I laugh, she totally looks like Shannon from Superstar. Next thing we know she’s going to break out in dance.
“Are you having a spasm?” Charlie places his palm on her forehead to check for a fever. “Maybe you’ve been cooking long enough, eh,” he jokes.
“You two are so blind!” She throws her hands up in the air and stomps out of the kitchen.
“I feel like I missed something, something important.” He looks to me for an answer.
“She thinks we’re fated for destiny.” I wave my hands copying her, “isn’t that ridiculous.” I laugh looking over at him to second it, but he just stands there looking at me.
“You seem to think so,” he says quietly.
“Well yeah, because it is,” I wait for him to join in, but he still doesn’t. He looks more serious now than he has before. He opens his mouth to say something, but then he thinks better of it, “I need to get home. Nessa is here so you’ll be fine,” he says all business like.
“You’re leaving already; you can’t stay a little while longer? I’m sure your parent’s aren’t expecting you yet.” I feel like a child asking her parents why she has to leave the party so early.
“I have a life.” He blurts out, hurting my feelings in the process.
“Fine. Go have your life,” I point at the door. I’m trying my best to hold back tears I didn’t even knew I still had. I’ve cried a river goddammit! And I will not break my “no crying in public” oath.
He runs his hand through his hair, and his look softens. “You can call if you need anything. I’ll be back tomorrow.”
“I wouldn’t want to impose on your busy life,” I choke on the words.