Thursday, July 2, 2015

Blog Tour: Brink by William J.

Title: BRINK
Author: William J
Genre: Urban Fiction

For David, growing up on the mean streets of Philadelphia is no easy feat. Born in a crack infested neighborhood destroyed his family. His father, Clyde, is a dead beat crack addict who constantly abuses his mother Angela, a devout Christian. His younger brother John seemed to escape the wrath of Clyde, however, when a tragic turn of events lands his idol and mentor David in jail, he’s consumed by the streets.
Lita, who grew up in the same neighborhood is considered a tomboy and has no attraction to boys, until she meets David. One day she witnessed his heroics and becomes strangely attracted to David, who seems to shun her advances. But before she can capture his heart, David goes to jail. Lita is torn, but plans to do whatever to possess him as she awaits his release from prison.
When David comes home will he be able to save his family? Or will it be too late?
Will he finally give in to Lita’s advances? Or will he continue to flee her?
Watch and see as this riveting page turner keeps your eyes lusting for more…

Author Bio
William J is 29 years of age and a new urban fiction author. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. As an adolescent he loved to read books. His mother always told him that he was very gifted and could accomplish anything he put his mind to. He recently opened up one of his gifts, and is continually striving to become a brand name author. Besides writing, he loves sports, computers, drawing, and life itself. At this very moment, his genre is urban fiction, but he plans to expand in the future.
His life experience, imagination and lessons learned have crafted his writing that many will enjoy.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three more gunshots rang out as his son David, stamps three bullet holes the size of golf balls in his dad's face. David calmly watches him slide down the wall and slump forward. While Clyde lies dead on the ground, momentarily twitching, the only thing David notices is the death grip Clyde has on the pipe with fumes still seeping out.
Satisfied, David swiftly throws his hood on before walking to the mouth of the alley and looking both ways. When all seems clear, he puts his head down and scurries out. Unbeknownst to David, a pair of eyes had been watching the entire time.

Guest Post
For me, writing my first draft is easy. When I write, I already have the book in my head. I simply formulate it into book form. It just comes natural. It sort of like setting the table before the meal. The hard part for me is the revision aspect, that is where I incorporate the right words, the places, settings, dialogues, voices, etc. Anytime I write my first draft, I don’t get hung on the technicalities of trying to make the book perfect, my first time around. I just write the story and let the pen be my guide. Now you might laugh, but I keep all of my first drafts. I don’t know why, but I consider my first draft my masterpiece and I take pride in it. For me, it shows how far I have come and who knows, maybe one day, my first draft will be worth some money.
Thank you for your time.