Thursday, March 12, 2015

In Defense of Andrew Smith

Okay, so I'm going to point out two things about this whole Andrew Smith issue that bothers me more than anything else:
1) Not all authors write MALE characters in a realistic manner. In fact a lot of the men don't live up the expectations set up in YA novels.
Think about that for a minute before you jump down my throat...
Is Augustus Waters realistic?
Is Peeta?
What about Gale?
The Vincent Brothers?
How many people think Christian Grey is  what a real man should be like?
2) Do we, reading his answer on our screens, know how this statement was said?
No, we don't know because the interviewer never described Andrew's body language. Without knowing if he shrugged sheepishly, or if he rolled his eyes, how can we vilify the man? We weren't there. We didn't see his body language. How many times do we text someone something that can be taken easily taken out of context? How many times do we say "I didn't mean it that way" to someone who misunderstood our intentions?
Instead of tearing a guy down to the point he deletes his Twitter and Facebook, let's open an honest line of communication and stop being haters.
Does that mean Andrew Smith needs to change how he writes women? Yes, absolutely. He even said he's trying to do better. And that's what we should all do: better.
So how about we stop jumping the gun and have an honest and open discussion about these topics? Wouldn't that be better for everyone?