Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blog Tour: Seducing Adam by LizAnn Carson

About The Book
Title: Seducing Adam
Author: LizAnn Carson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
His plans could devastate her island.
But the island had other plans for him.
Stacie Halloran was perfectly content running her bed and breakfast in Windon Harbor, on Malaspina Island off the Pacific coast of Canada. Or maybe not perfectly content, since there was a decided shortage of eligible men of a certain age on Malaspina.
But it was home, and it was a living.
Then the hot-shot executive from the timber company that owned Nathan’s Forest turned up. Adam Fraser’s presence had the whole island talking – and watching his every move. Because there was only one reason for him to be on their island: his company planned to cut down their forest. Adam was the Enemy, sent to make nice with the natives.
Talk about the last thing Stacie needed. The Enemy was under her roof, and with his big-city vibes he was a fish out of water in tiny Windon Harbor. Then, wouldn’t you know? He had to go and kiss her right there in the guest lounge. Definitely the last thing she needed. Because whatever she thought about that kiss – and she thought plenty – a battle was looming, and they were on opposite sides.
The lines were drawn. But for Adam, it all came down to a brown-eyed bed-and-breakfast owner and an old house on a hill. Because once Malaspina Island wove its spell, all bets were off.

Book, Meet Audience (or, how to find your readership)

Writing in the world of contemporary romance poses challenges, the main one being, how on earth do you distinguish yourself from a gazillion others?

Start by writing a great book. That’s a given. I’ve done that, but I don’t expect you to believe me. Find an author who doesn’t think she’s written a great book …

So with all that great stuff out there, what do you do? Because one way or another, almost every romance novel, unless it’s historical, ends up categorized as contemporary romance.

Contemporary paranormal romance? Sure. Contemporary romantic suspense? Absolutely. Erotic romance? Bring it on. Welcome to the party, everyone!

There are ways, of course. But me, I’ve got drawbacks. First, that big “contemporary” bucket. Second, a tested realization that I’m not a social media maven. In fact, I’m barely a social media beginner. Marketing-wise, disaster.

Third, in my books—and here we’re talking specifically about Seducing Adam—the description of the sex is, shall we say, restrained? My own preference, and no judgment. But I get bored with which body parts insert where. (Remember Lauren Bacall’s raised eyebrow? You didn’t need to see. You knew.) For me it packs more of a punch to have the focus on what the heroine, and hopefully the hero, is feeling. Harder to write, but more satisfying.

So here’s the quandary:  how to say to the world, here is a gentle, occasionally sexy, happy and “sweet” (not a fan of that word) novel. How, in all that romance, would anyone find it? Well … (she muses, thinking this one over).

How about the cover? No man-and-woman. No clench or rock-hard abs. Not a passion-filled gaze in sight. Instead you get an old house and some roses, both very relevant to the story. Because Seducing Adam is not just about a man falling in love with a woman. It’s about a man seduced by, and falling in love with, a woman plus an entire island, a lifestyle, and an old house. With complications to add spice.

The complications are overcome, because this is romance, after all. And what on earth is wrong with a happy ending?

What else? Well, this blog is called “Blogs and Coffee” and I have a sneaking suspicion that Seducing Adam is the kind of book to be curled up with, to read on a lazy afternoon when  not much is going on (or you just need some feel-good time to yourself), with coffee or tea and a wonderful toasted scone with marmalade. Like hanging out with a friend.

Not just a sneaking suspicion, actually. Someone got in touch with me to say she did just that: took to the sofa and spent a Saturday afternoon immersed in Adam’s world. Nothing could make me happier.

So think about it. Could be Seducing Adam is just the book you need for your own unwinding afternoon. If it is, I hope you enjoy it. You’ll find it on here:

Or have a look at my website ( where you’ll find news about upcoming books and more musings about life as a romance author.

And there you have it. A little bit about my writing philosophy and a little bit about my first book and how it stands out from the crowd. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the life and inner musings of a romance novelist. Thanks for dropping by.


Author Bio
I write in Victoria, British Columbia, a smallish city that's large enough to have all modern

I write contemporary romance fiction. My novels are more “heartwarming” than “erotic”. I’d rather convey (and read!) a love scene through a raised eyebrow (remember Lauren Bacall looking at Humphrey Bogart?), visceral response, and emotion.

Besides writing, I enjoy a variety of crafts, these days including beading (yes, with those teeny beads you need a magnifying glass to see) and collage. I like weight training and yoga, although my knees are acting up these days. I walk with my husband a lot.

My personal motto: in all things, beauty. Whether it’s in writing, craft, relationships, or simply appreciating all we’re given, I try to see the world through this lens.
conveniences, but not so large as to have hours-long traffic jams or heavy duty pollution. I can follow a trail to my local supermarket, or be downtown by bus in twenty minutes.